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At this time Rev is undergoing improvements and will be moving to a new home in Epic sometime in 2014. Stay tuned as more information will be communicated soon.

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Rev is an Apollo Group and University of Phoenix website. Log in here to join the Healthy Living Revolution and access your one-stop resource for all things wellness-related. You’ll find current articles, links, buddy and group social networking tools, trackers and much more!


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  4. In the box that opens, select the tab on top right marked "e-mail addresses"
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From there you’ll be able to:

  • Create your personal Rev Profile page.
  • Connect with your fellow Revvers via the Buddy and Group social networking programs and start building your personal network of friendship and support. 
  • You’ll also find the up-to-the-minute articles, tips, Revinars, and other information you’ve enjoyed on the Rev website, and access to a wealth of programs to help you be your healthiest self.

Problems logging in?  Contact the Rev Team at 602-557-1100 for assistance, or email us at rev@revwellness.com. We’ll help you get into the site, or route you to the right department to ensure that your problem is resolved. 

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